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We Go On, 2016

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    We Go On is a horror film by directing duo Andy Mitton and Jesse Holand. The film sees Clark Freeman as Miles, a man afflicted with PTSD and anxiety as he is haunted by memories of his near-death experience caused by a car accident. Miles gets entrigued by the subject of death and so goes on a hunt for answers about life after dying. He puts out an ad in a news paper stating that he'd be willing to pay $30,000 to someone, granted they're able to prove that there is indeed life after death. He enlists the help of four volunteers of which one is a scientist, one a medium, an ambitious entrepreneur, and a mysterious guy who leaves him a message on his cell even though he hadn't made his number available to the potentials. Miles, alongside his mother, go visit each of the potentials, and find that some are just pure scammers, some idealistic, while others are true anomalies.

    This is a horror film like none that you've seen in a very long time. The story is written so that a true human experience is afforded, which makes it even more scarier. Here you're not being boo'd! out of your skull every two seconds, but rather nursed with a cosy layering of character building and poised pacing right until you're staring at spooks directly in face and you had no time to tear your eyes away from the terror. Let's be honest, with most horror films made today you're able to almost always predict when the ghosts will come out to ghost, or when the half-faced zombie will limp into frame to, well, zombie. With this film, however, you don't know what to expect, you don't know what will hit you or from which angle.

    Miles' character is emphasised to be so human, and so emotionally-driven that when the paranormal happens we, as the audience, wish all of it away so that poor Miles wouldn't have to deal with any of it. We become Miles. We're on edge. We want to unsee the things we've been shown, we wish we weren't so curious about death in the first place. Make it stop!

    We Go On is fascinating in a sense that not many horror films care for storytelling and instead focus on how many times they can make you jump out of your seat. It allows for the story to unfold, it allows for geniune human experience, which results in pure curiousity and fear. Where other films in the genre normalise the paranormal, in We Go On we find our minds trying to shut down to the idea of them, and even trying to not percieve visuals of anything that seems unusual or simply frightening. This is where the real rush kicks in and gets you going.

    I can confidently say that We Go On is a rounded horror film, that deserves more watches and acclaim than it has gotten thus far. Though its use of colour, as well as editing, doesn't go the extra mile for seamless visual stimulation, the lack of aesthetic doesn't put you off, in fact you won't even notice unless you're solely assessing the offering. This is a comprehensive- complete with a strong and spirited cast- and unapologetically different horror film, which your favs should be taking a few notes from so to breathe life into the forgotten genre.
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    This is everything I've hoped for, horror genre has become alive again.

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