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Upgrade, 2018

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    Upgrade is a 2018 sci-fi horror, directed by Leigh Whannell and stars Logan Marshall-Green in the lead role.

    The film follows Grey Trace (Marshall-Green) who after witnessing the brutal murder of his wife and is left paralyzed he goes on a revenge quest after being implanted with a chip called stem, that allows him to walk again. A revenge tale set in a technologically advanced future is exactly what the doctor ordered.Image

    In a year which gave me Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge, I didn’t think that 2018 would deliver another beautiful revenge tale but here we are and Upgrade is just lovely even with the influences from 80’s & 90’s sci-fi pics (can you guess which ones?), the film still stands on its own and plays beautifully with the social commentaries and its stylish to top if all of. Beautiful.

    Whannell’s script and direction are pretty solid and they allow for discount Tom Hardy (I mean Logan Marshall-Green) to shine in his role of Grey, playing this heartbroken and defeated man who has just given up on life and humanity after the tragedy, and later must slowly adapt to his new world and find “closure” and him embarking on this journey allows for Grey to become human, in a world where “humanity” is slowly becoming extinct, a world where “humanity” is what the machines want. Marshall-Green transitions smoothly from grieving, broody and almost lifeless to this “childlike” awe and wonder after having the chip implanted in him, and sorta experiences his body with a new sense of fascination.

    The cinematography is great and I mean it’s the future of course you have to have neon’s almost everywhere and the fight choreography was alright but I really loved it when the stabilized locked shots came into play, it was magical the first time because it was exactly how I imagine Grey would feel when he took those steps. The pacing was correct, it felt balanced and suspenful. The score set the mood and transported me into this grotesque world.

    Although I did find the film to hit most of its clichéd marks but it did try to avoid an expected ending by going completely in the opposite direction and that paid off. I loved the Cronenberg-esque of it all and it’s kinda dark, a bit funny and also I absolutely loved how it also had this lovely buddy cop feel to it, simply gorgeous.

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