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Triple Frontier, 2019

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    Triple Frontier is a 2019 action thriller film directed by J.C. Chandor, the film stars Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garret Hedlund and Pedro Pascal. Triple Frontier follows a group of former military buddies who decide to rob a drug lord who stashes his cash deep in the jungle.

    The film’s first act is solid enough that it makes you want more of everything, more Oscar Isaac, more suspense and more chases. The action sequences are smooth and they let you know that you’re about to get a really exciting action thriller. However it transitions into a second act that fails to improve on the momentum set in the first act and rather settles for a generic film with really impressive performances.

    It’s well-made I mean it is from the guy who gave us A Most Violent Year and All is Lost, it features good performances but there’s no nuance in the characters or story (It doesn’t stand out). It eventually becomes a film about highly skilled men stealing money from a bad guy.

    Mark Boal wrote the screenplay along with J.C. Chandor and Mark is known for his work with academy award winning director Kathryn Bigelow, that’s why I couldn’t help but think that this is such a Kathryn film during certain moments. Especially with how some of the moments where staged and shot. I would have really loved to see Bigelow’s take on this.

    Roman Vasyanov’s cinematography is impressive and the lighting is spectacular and the stand out scene in the entire film is during the actual heist. Chandor and Vasyanov are masterful with camera and lighting that an intense mood is created and every second has you by the edge of your seat, however the film ends up falling into predicable territory again, and that’s the problem here. Triple Frontier will present you with great moments that fails to build upon. My final take is that the film is entertaining even if the action is not enough to increase your adrenaline and the thrills don’t really give you chills, however the eye candy provided will push you through.

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