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Trance, 2014

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    Director Danny Boyle is renowned for directing absorbing dark psychological films & he doesn't disappoint in the slightest with Trance.


    James McAvoy plays Simon a fine art dealer who colludes with a group of criminals led a gagster called Frank (Vincent Cassel) to steal an extremely valuable Goya painting on the day of it's auction.The heist is a success with Simon's help but there's a huge snag as Simon develops amnesia & forgets where he left the painting for safekeeping.


    After the criminals fail to jog Simons memory on the whereabouts of the painting through painful torture & viscous threats they seek out the expertise of hypnotherapist Elizebeth Lamb (Rosario Dawson ) who suggests putting Simpn into a hypnotic trance & subjecting him to other exstentive psychological excercises to help regain his fragmented memory.What ensues next is a downward spiral of deciet, violence,mental anguish,vivid hallucinations,illicit sexual encounters & shocking truths that will leave the audience gobsmacked at the plot twist in the final act of the film.


    Visually Trance is quite pretty as it utilizes a wide variety of colour lighting & unorthodox cinematography to recreate experiance of being in a real mind bending trance.This coupled with a combination of smooth & harrowing music played at specific moments in the film really help to amplify this psychedelic effect.As for the individual performances James McAvoy really flexed his acting in this one with Rosario Dawson also giving of the best individual portrayals of her career.

    Trance is one of those truly intriguing films with an engaging original storyline that will leave you shook & contemplating the ending days afterwards.A definite must watch.


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