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Tokyo Ghoul, 2017

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    Tokyo Ghoul is a 2017 fantasy-horror film directed by Kentaro Hagiwara. The film is an adaptation of the manga series and it stars Masataka Kubota in the main role of Ken Kaneki.
    The film follows Ken Kaneki a student who gets attacked by what’s known as a Ghoul (a supernatural creature that feeds on humans), this Ghoul happens to be the girl he has been eyeing and as fate would have it Ken survives the brutal attack and the Ghoul dies but in order to save his life doctors use organs from the Ghoul to do it, thus making Ken half Ghoul and half human.

    This is the second manga/anime adaptation I’ve seen this year, the other being Parasyte Part 1 and I’ve gotta say I might be hooked to Japanese live action adaptions. Tokyo Ghoul is a good film that could have been a great film like Parasyte Part 1 but it suffers from cramming everything into a single second act which sees the third act fall but not on its face. Also the film suffers from its shaky CGI which is not bad but it could have been better.

    The film’s opening act is truly great as it hits all the right marks. The visuals are there in all their stunning and moody glory, the sounds of the environment accompany the picture magnificently and it’s timed just right that no character seems out of place, they all have a purpose and Masataka’s portrayal of Ken is truly a beauty to watch especially when the act reaches its fulcrum and tough character choices have to be made. Masataka leads powerfully throughout and establishes the violence and tragedy of the world he is currently in, though naïve at times.

    After a great first act Tokyo Ghoul decides to use their second act to do just about everything, though they showing and not telling. Kentaro just crams everything into this act that the tension and suspense is just taken away. Actually this act felt largely introductory and I guess I really didn’t need that but its few silence moments were gorgeous and well crafted. This act misuses certain beats within its structure to grab our attention and pull us into this alternate reality Tokyo. When the act was on its last legs I was thankful and hoping for the movie to end.
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    When entering the last round of this flick my hopes were down but a nice little training montage that steals from Rocky and others lifted my hopes and the classic good guy bad guy showdown was a nice little treat and we got two showdowns for the price of one. Had the second act been stronger Tokyo Ghoul would have been a great film but it has to settle for being good.

    The film does well in introducing newcomers like me to the world and man oh man that cinematography is some amazing stuff that was probably weighed down by its CGI moments but I’m officially a stan.

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