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The Squid and the Whale, 2005

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    Jesse Eisenberg is no stranger to bouncy and strangely unsettled characters, and in The Squid and the Whale he is no different- or at least he traces the particular template. This is an awkward comedy which comes with a lot of tear-jerking and simply painful moments.

    The film centres around Eisenberg's character (Walt), as well as his family, as he struggles to find his way through the divorce of his parents. Much like most teenagers going through such confusing trials at such a fragile age, Walt goes on a rampage as an obvious cry for help. This throwing of toys goes overboard when he steals Pink Floyd's "Hey You" as his own at an odd talent show- this makes for quite an arc on its own.

    In The Squid and the Whale we're offered a look at the life of a family unit that is coming apart. We get to witness how each member of this family deals with this forsaken territory, and how it ultimately alters all of their lives.

    Apart from the troubles that the Berkman family face throughout the film, they're an entertaining bunch to watch on screen as their chemistry (mutual resentment) is almost too good to be true. From 12-year old Frank (Walt's little brother) to the parents themselves, we see life through different eyes and at different levels. With such a well-written story and equally brilliant performances, this film is a true must-watch!

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