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The Ritual, 2017

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    I opened this movie's stream because Netflix recommended it to me, and since it's Friday the 13th and I hadn't prepared on what to watch I just dived right in. Plus my guilty pleasure is a group outting that has gone wrong a la Wrong Turn. This movie is nothing close to the at least intriguing and genuinely heart-jolting B-grade franchise and doesn't even try to be convincing enough.

    For a Netflix flick I expected more quality, which I didn't recieve on any front at any point. It's kind of disappointing to dedicate some two hours to a film that tries nothing at all to be worth it.

    Simply throwing in genre tropes and some jump scares into a horror film doesn't actually make it one. Also, the plot surrounding the tragic death of a friend doesn't make sense at all or tie into the jumbled up, meek story. In fact the title is misleading as well. Nothing makes sense against what the summary of the movie suggests.

    Sure being in the woods with some sinister presence in the shadows is frightening when the story is told over a fire, but if you were to adapt camp-fire legends then you'd have to put in more work than just filming a bunch of guys navigating the spooky area terrified at weird carvings on trees and bloody trails.

    A low budget film doesn't have to mean that the film itself has to be of the lowest quality possible. This movie is only recommendable for a nights when you're up for some banter with a friend about what you would do if you were to be put through similar situations as the guys here have gotten themselves into. Other than that, save your stream and time for another movie.


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