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The Nun, 2018

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    The Nun is a supernatural horror film directed by Corin Hardy and stars heir to the scream queen throne Taissa Farmiga, Demian Bichir and Jonas Bloquet in lead roles.

    The Nun follows Father Burke (Bichir) and Sister Irene (Farmiga) as they investigate the suicide of a nun at a Romanian monastery, they are aided by Frenchie (Bloquet). The trio find that not all is as it seems on this holy land and that maybe something unholy may lurk within the shadows.

    Alright so this is the fifth movie in The Conjuring cinematic universe, which means we are due for a team up movie (kidding) but I’m a big fan of The Conjuring cinematic universe and my hype level for this was pretty high. Were my expectations met? Maybe but was I entertained? Hell yeah.

    The film is flawed and its flaw is the narrative because it’s confusing but without being disjointed. I was confused throughout most the second act, I just couldn’t grasp what the hell is happening (it wasn’t that bad though but still), even though the first act was okay and had me excited, the second act was just… yeah. The third act however was thoroughly entertaining and maybe might have saved the film for me. Although I do think that majority of the popcorners (film critics who make a living from bashing the art of cinema instead of actually critiquing it) will defs hate this movie for the narrative. I think maybe after I watch it again the second act will make sense to me but we’ll see.

    The scares will do their job on like the faint hearted but you know it’s just regular jump scares, however there are a few decent scares that creep up on those with strong will and I can recall two moments that had me “holy sh*tting” for a few seconds after the scene. How I would rank this film within The Conjuring cinematic universe is that it’s better than Annabelle but is below Annabelle Creation and it’s nowhere near as perfect as The Conjuring duology. It is still a good entry into a franchise that’s creating mini franchises within itself and I’m pretty sure once this makes its money back this weekend (it’s made for 20mil and first week projections are 40mil) a sequel will be announced.

    The performances are lovely and carry much of the film for me and man Taissa Farmiga is really an impressive actress, her presence is just amazing on screen just like her sister. Another impressive aspect of The Nun is the design and sound and how they add to its gothic atmosphere that just move you into this world. The film uses its light and dark tones wonderfully which add to the atmosphere, and speaking of atmosphere Corin Hardy really gave us a film that beautifully transitioned its atmosphere of being gothic and gloomy to dark and psychological and that is impressive (too bad about that act though).

    I recommend this movie because I enjoyed myself and maybe a second viewing for me is needed so that I can sort out my issues with the second act but it does a good enough job at building tension, creating suspense and throwing us with the unknown (sometimes), so if you’re reading this go support this film so that Taissa can do the sequel.

    [Side Note: This movie made me realize that we give the cross so much power, when it’s just an object heck even the demons these days know that, they defile it every chance they get. So maybe it’s time we moved away from the thinking that crosses can protect us from a demon that’s been slowing breaking down our spiritual protection and mental protection so that it can devour our souls]

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