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The Naked Room, 2014

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    In The Naked Room we get to witness what children with various mental illnesses, along with their parents, go through as they get examined by a professional. These children suffer from illnesses such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and sever depression. They are said to be overly dangerous to themselves and others around them, thus their parents seeking help from the particular hospital as a desperate last resort.

    The examination rooms of a Mexican hospital, where the children are being interviewed, are the main setting of the film. This is a brilliant move on behalf of the film creators, as we get to know the children more personally and urgently. The closed-in location- accompanied by close-up shots as the children reveal their darkest truths- encourages personal involvement. And, boy, do we get involved in all the tragedy that unfolds.

    I've personally enjoyed the film's take on family, relationships and how we as humans treat each other. Human vulnerability being mirrored through fragile, young girls and boys can almost always mean a successful story overall (City of God). But in The Naked Room we're not simply handed surface-level hogwash, but a storyline everyone can truly sink their teeth into, and deeply connect with.

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