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The Meg, 2018

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    The Meg is a 2018 monster shark movie directed by Jon Turtletaub. The film stars Li Bingbing, Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson, Winston Chao and Cliff Curtis.

    The Meg follows a group of scientist who discover and megalodon shark long thought to be extinct and in typical monster movie fashion the shark goes on killing spree and those responsible for setting it free must now work to stop the mega shark before it destroys everything in its path.

    I don’t even know what to say about The Meg other than that it’s such a generic piece of a summer blockbuster movie you’d think that Marvel Studios had produced it. The film plays like a b-movie and an epic summer blockbuster at the same time, and it doesn’t work on both fronts. It lacks the “so bad its good” factor to be a memorable b-movie and it lacks the high octane, high impact edge of your seat action of a summer blockbuster, thus making it a dull generic film that will entertain little kids and movie goers seeking to kill some brain cells.

    Personally I found the storyline to be beyond cheesy and the action very lackluster, the main focus of the film the shark itself wasn’t very appealing to me. I mean every kill or whatever it did I was just like “oh look its doing something I’ve seen before only this time it’s bigger and more boring”.

    The highlight of the film for me was Li Bingbing and Rainn Wilson, Li in typical leading lady fashion brought it and pulled focus to her when she was on screen, Rainn brought the charm and added some life and comedic factor to some really dull dialogue and the movie contains a whole lot of dull dialogue, dry scenes and clichéd characters (Statham’s character).

    The last act is very superhero cinema-esque for me because it basically said “hey screw this lets ignore common sense and logic lets have this shark kill a bunch of hot people and have Jason Statham go head to head with it” and that was fun.
    Overall if you’re looking to kill your brain cells this movie is for you and you won’t even notice that it’s a 103 minutes long and probably should’ve ended earlier. It’s very studio universal shark week special movie but unlike those b-grade movies here there’s literally nothing to cringe at or laugh at. Watching Michael B Jordan clip his toe nails is probably more entertaining than this.

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