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The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014

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    First things first: this film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is nothing short of grand! But again you can't expect anything less from director Wes Anderson. I might have a bias opinion as he's one of my favourite directors working today, but even the most condeming movie-watcher could attest to the masterfulness of this piece of cinema- wholly satisfying in its 90minutes.

    The film boasts a star-cast, too. Tilda Swinton, Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton and Jude Law, to mention a few. Ralph Fiennes plays M. Gustav; a concierge who is framed for murder. Tony Revolori plays a lobby boy (Zero) who becomes one of Gustav's most trusted friends, who goes on to help him prove his innocence amidst the murder charges.

    I decided to watch the film again after seeing someone on my social media likening the directorial style of the TV show Legion to that of Anderson, and I truly do agree. From the stop-and-go zooming, the reeling and pacing, to the far-shots, Anderson has established  (or at least mastered) a weird and wonderful way to tell stories on screen.

    This time I watched the film on my tablet, while doing various everyday-life things like going to the bathroom, preparing food and pacing about the hallway for no reason at all. It was as if the film were made to be watched this way- mobile and fidgety, as it is.

    The simplicity in its comedy is what makes it even more hilarious than it should be. The overall dialog follows the same simplistic path, which brings a dark poetic wisdom into the otherwise comical, why-so-serious, approach of the storyline. We witness some hilarious action in an odd punch-out fight scene and an equally tickling shoot-out scene at a particular floor at the hotel.

    The far-shots tie in the overall arcade game-esque look, I imagine, Anderson was gunning for. And I say this because the film does remind you of games like Super Mario. It's also an adult version of the game Cops and Robbers (cackles).

    The Grand Budapest is a fun and dark heist, prison break and fugitive, murder mystery film wrapped in a pretty little blue-ribboned pink box of comedy.

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