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The Girl With All The Gifts, 2017

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    The Girl with all the gifts is post apocalyptic horror drama directed by Colm McCarthy. The film stars Gemma Arteton, Glenn Close, Paddy Consindine & Sennia Nenua.


    "We're alive ? Yes you're alive. Then Why should it be us who die for you ?"

    In the not so distant future society has collapsed & humanity is on the brink of extinction due to a mysterious fungal virus which infects humans & transforms them into flesh eating zombies called "Hungry's". At a milliary research outpost a group of scientists are trying to find a cure for this disease by studying a group of zombie human hybrid children that have been born with the fungus from birth who all have to endure constant draconian surveillance from the compounds military personnel. One of these extraordinary children is Melanie who dreams of one day escaping her prison & living freely in what remains of the outside world . One day the military facility is overrun by a horde of Hungry's which forces Melanie , her favourite teacher Helen (who she also considers to be mother figure) as well as a few other survivors to flee the safety of the base in order to survive.


    This film a brilliant new take on the zombie apocalypse genre by making the protagonist a little girl but also making said protagonist part zombie herself. Melanie is such an interesting character because her kind hearted persona brings a warmth & softness not really associated with such a gory & brutal sub genre however she also has to fight an internal struggle against her monstrous nature which clashes with her naturally sweet demeanour. Watching her character development is both very intriguing but also disturbing to behold as she grapples with establishing if she is truly human or something else entirely.

    Overall the Girl with all the gifts is an underrated gem within the science fiction horror genre that comes highly recommended. I really love that it brought something new and fresh to the zombie genre that we all love with its unconventional protagonist as well as its overall approach with a very thought out & unique storyline.

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