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The End of the Tour, 2015

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    This is an intelligent drama based on true events as depicted in the memoir Although You End Up Becoming Yourself by David Lipsky. It follows five days of a book tour for the novel Infinite Jest by acclaimed novelist, David Foster Wallace and then Rolling Stone magazine reporter, David Lipsky in 1996.

    Jason Segel portrays David Foster Wallace and Jesse Eisenberg portrays David Lipsky, and both deliver dynamic, frighteningly self-aware, thought-provoking performances of people who are, if the movie is anything to go by, dynamic, frighteningly self-aware and thought-provoking in a story that, seems to me, masquerades as a drama about a budding relationship between two brilliant men but is, in actuality, both a deep seated rumination on creative genius & the hero worship that comes with it and on the thinking & work of Mr Wallace, who'd passed away three years prior to the release of the movie.
    Though both actors are brilliant, Segel's performance towers, literally and figuratively, over everyone and everything in the movie, including his co-star. The movie itself is well-written and well-paced. The thing that is most particularly special about this movie except having the opportunity to listen to some spectacular philosophies and ideas espoused by David Foster Wallace in his prime, most of which are at least mind-altering if not completely life-changing. It is a movie about ideas that is not lacking in actual ideas, much like the author it means to follow.
    What is found, ultimately, in this movie, rather than a grand romance or bromance, is a friendship based off of mutual respect, at least as intelligent professionals if not as somewhat like-minded individuals.

    I would recommend to this movie to anybody who likes intelligent films and has no trouble with being made to think. It is a continuously riveting revelation about humanity to merely watch something like this.

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