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The Death Of Superman, 2018

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    The Death of Superman is a the latest film in the current DC animated universe. Superman is a much beloved icon of the DC universe but in this film he will put to the test like never before when a monstrous threat in the form of unknown creature with unimaginable strength & ferociousness. Doomsday as the monster will later be known as with prove far to powerful even for the combined efforts of the Justice League with Kal-El being the last hope of the world to stop this evil behemoth even if it means sacrificing his life to do so.



    The Death of Superman is essentially a love letter to the Man of Steel as throughout the entire film we get to see how the people venerate & acknowledge him as the ultimate symbol of justice in the world. We see Superman at his finest in this movie as Kal-El push himself to the absolute limit to battle Doomsday in order to save his Justice League comrades & the citizens of Metropolis during the ensuing conflict.


    The Death of Superman is beautiful monument to the Last son of Krypton as it makes sure that it honors the most iconic DC comic issue. I also appreciated how the animated film shared a lot of similarities with Batman vs Superman specifically with how the portrayed the importance of Superman in the DC universe and the poignancy of his most memorable sacrifice. This is a film every die hard DC fan should watch.



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