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The Dark Tower, 2017

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    The Dark Tower is a 2017 sci-fantasy-western film directed by Nikolaj Arcel. Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey and Tom Taylor star in lead roles.

    The Dark Tower is a flawed movie. It's a film that feels rushed and dull, with no sense of itself what’s so ever. It's a film with awkward dialogue and cluttered motivations. It's a film that feels trapped in what it’s trying to be and somehow felt stationery when it should've felt epic and spectacular.

    You catch a glimpse of what might have been in this movie, the might have been epic narrative, the might have been spectacular world building, the might have been genre bending, rule breaking masterpiece.

    My biggest issue with The Dark Tower is how lifeless it all feels. The film feels like something created just for the sake of it and no real thought was put into the creation of it. The whole thing feels flat and its aesthetic doesn’t help at all, let me actually not get into that, the films look just annoys.

    A multiple genre bending film that really does nothing special or unique in its look but instead it gives us dull, weak colours that are so unappealing the film ends up looking like a rotting wound, filled with infection.

    A half-assed ANGERING piece of cinema that probably shits on its source material. Let me not get into the CGI monstrosity of this film. Y’all can @ me all you want, this movie is no fun.
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    What pissed me off about the movie is that Walter O'Dim being able to influence people, stop bullets manipulate fire, is killed by a 45-caliber bullet!!
    LIKE WTF was I watching. one of the many things it lacked was the let's cast a spell that will kill him kind of flair.. him dying of a simple bullet threw me of the edge.

    The Gun stunts were slightly cool though!!
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