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Super Dark Times (2017)

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    Super Dark Times is a Thriller that follows two teenage friends, Josh and Zach, upon their friend accidentally being murdered while boys were being boys. This accident causes some really extreme stuff to happen as the two boys try to deal with their friend's death and of course the fact that they are to blame.


    The movie unfolds like beloved and intentionally "dark" teen drama such as Me, Earl and the Dying Girl and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, while insisting on a more lighthearted approach you'd find in movies like Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and The Edge of Seventeen. That's until the thriller aspects of it start kicking in.

    I was excited to see what the movie had in store for me because the first half of it was very convincing. The use of silence, the long shots over soft, haunting music and how pale and lonely lighting was used for an emotional punch had me hooked. The story unfolds steadily and seamlessly as teen angst is captured to the letter. A group of frustrated, nerdy and uncool teen boys shooting banter and basking in the crappiness of their existence, while glorifying their manhood and over-estimating their importance socially even when they know they're the little fish in a tank filled with sharks because it makes them feel a little less crap. They're impossible not to root for and relate to. We've all been here, or at least we really like to see movies with people like this.


    Each character has his own thing to absolutely adore. Daryl reminds me of Ed Kemper from Netflix's Mindhunter with his glaring nonchalance and tactical wittiness; I actually thought he'd be playing a bigger role because he's by far the most intriguing. The characters, though, are only truly explored in one or two scenes for you to be betting your life on any of them when things started unrevelling. When the murder takes place, the story goes tumbling down and dissapears into the deep abyss that can only be excused for having too much story to develop while having only about 30 minutes left to wrap it up. The more unknown movies get only 80-90 minutes to convey the message, and this is why I'll give the mistakes made in the last half of the movie a pass.

    Super Dark Times has some really good moments that anyone who has enjoyed movies like The Breakfast Club can appreciate. It ends up feeling rushed and falling short in the end, but I wouldn't dismiss the movie completely. It has a bunch of complex kids to root for and bewildering human behaviour to dig into and analyse if you're into that type of stuff. It's not so much a murder mystery, or even a thriller, as it is a teen drama. If you have time watch it, but only if you really have time.

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