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Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay, 2018

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    "I know I'm going to Heaven - anyone who can put up with Mr J deserves a break."


    Suicide squad is a science fiction/fantasy action animated film based on the covert supervillain team from DC comics & takes place in the DC animated universe.


    Amanda Waller has utilized her secret team of super villains & antihero's with ruthless efficiency to take on assignments that most would consider insane & essentially suicide however latest assignment is different though in that she is using Task Force X for personal gain. Waller has found out that she is diagnosed with a terminal disease which guarantees her death in a few years so she assigns the squad the task of locating a mysterious magic card known as the "Get out of hell free" card which allows anyone who possesses it when they die to bypass hell or purgatory & go straight to heaven. This latest suicide mission puts Task force X in conflict with some of the DC universes most ferocious & deadly villains who are also seeking the card to fulfill their own agenda's.



    If your like me you would have been fairly disappointed with the recent live action Suicide Squad film which many would agree had a great concept but a fairly poor execution overall storyline wise. Many criticized the fact that they played it too safe with film which clearly should have had r-rated visuals to match its dark & gritty tone. With Hell to pay that vision is fully realised as the film is filled with bad guys being truly bad by using foul language, violently killing people & engaging in raunchy behavior. This feels like a film which understands what the Suicide squad is all about and allows them to be truly diabolical without any restrictions.


    Hell to pay does justice to the Suicide Squad in a way that the live action film did not by having a consistently good story & violent visuals to match this villain themed film. Hopefully Warner Bros studios corrects their past mistake by ensuring the Suicide squad sequel gets the r-rating it deserves so we can see Task force x in all their villainous glory.


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