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Still/Born, 2018

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    Still/Born is a 2018 supernatural horror film directed by Brandon Christensen and stars Christie Burke in the lead role. The film follows Mary (Burke), who gives birth to twins but only one survives, as a new mother Mary fears that something sinister might be after her baby boy Adam.

    Firstly I have to say that this film is pretty good, an evenly paced supernatural horror film that doesn’t shy away from the psychological trauma that comes with losing a baby. Christensen is able to maintain an impressive level of tension throughout the film from the get go.

    The scares are not as scary for hardcore horror fanatics but the real scares come from the psychological horror of it all that Mary goes through, the film does a great job in making us fear for baby Adam, and making Mary’s fears our fears, her screams are our screams. Though sometimes conventional and with a nod here and there to classics like Poltergeist, The Shinning and Paranormal Activity – the film is still enough please fans of the genre and new audiences alike.

    Like I’ve mentioned before the film can be conventional at times and the little references might make it feel disjointed but don’t let that fool you. Still/Born has a fantastic first act which is surprisingly watered down by a mediocre second act but boy that third is pretty awesome, with the right amount of psychological and supernatural horror it succeeds in installing a new fear in us about babies and demons.

    Christie Burke is the star of the show, her performance is compelling and unlike most horror films, Burke is able to make you root for Mary even in moments where she falls under the familiar horror character troupes. The other component that I really liked was the demon and when it finally revealed itself, though the design is clichéd at best, its presence and impact are pretty iconic in the film.

    This film really is a must watch for you horror loving freaks and those looking to get into cinema’s most overlooked and unappreciated genre.

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