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Split, 2017

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    Disclaimer: mild spoilers

    This film gets straight to the point from the beginning. A man who has a multiple personality disorder called D.I.D kidnaps 3 girls from a parking lot and puts them into a chamber of some sort preparing them for a ritual or event that is not clearly specified. A man named Kevin develops 23 personalities as a result of severe abuse as a child. Besides James McAvoys amazing performance what makes this film so interesting is the relationships these personalities have with each other. The power dynamics and how each character treats the kidnapped girls makes the film quite mind-twisting. One character is 9 years old, naive and gullible, the other character is strong, strict and disciplined, the other a motherly woman who serves as a caretaker of some sort. I will not give away too much about the various personalities. The build up to the climax of the film comes in when they keep making references to a personality called 'The Beast'. A mysterious 24th personality. The way the character is explained helps you anticipate the climax of the film as you start to realise he is the reason the girls were kidnapped.

    The film used a psychiatrist to help the viewer gain clarity on Kevin and his condition which was done very well. She plays a vital role in deciphering each character and their intentions through sessions with Kevin.

    What I didn't like about Split was that out of the 23 personalities we were only shown 8 of them. The performances were very satisfying but still, if you talk about 23 personalities show me 23 personalities.

    The ending was also very anti-climatic, it wasn't bad, I mean I'll take it as a viewer but I expected something a little more epic. Considering how 'The Beast' was hyped up. Also M.Night through in an easter egg at the end that only people who have watched 'Unbreakable' will understand. Not exactly sure what he is trying to do but I think there might be a Split 2.

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