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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, 2018

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    In superhero movies, it has become the norm to throw shade at a hero, and even the world he exists in, resembling traditional superhero aesthetics. What with the likes of Deadpool and even Wolverine making snarky comments about the very qualities that make superheroes what they are, and the reasons why we've loved them so much.

    All of this has made audiences look for "more" in superheroes and their movies, subsequently making the creators of these movies scramble to tailor these heroes to our demands. Can they not wear spandex? Can they not be overpowered, and be as vulnerable as possible until the moment they need to defeat the enemy? Can they absolutely hate the idea of being a superhero while at it? These are demands that film studios had to adhere to since the inception of the comic book movies wave; Marvel's MCU being the most successful at altering their heroes right to the letter of what audiences want. I guess, anyway.

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse serves as a fresh take on superhero movies in that it takes all that has been condemned by the superheroes themselves, in movies, as well as the audiences and instead embraces all of it. This is a comic book adaption that not only adores its origins, but aims to bring the fun and exhilaration back into the idea of being a superhero.

    Many children grow up folding their fingers in-ward Spidey-style, shooting imaginary webs. This Spider-Man feels like that child. He's absolutely taken by the idea of being a superhero. Different from the Peter Parker origin movies from both Spider-Man franchises, this film is a true coming-of-age story as we follow Miles Morales journey as he struggles to get the grasp of being Spider-Man for most of the movie.

    This alternate Spider-Man is also family-oriented, whereas Peter's Spidey struggles with coming to terms with the lack thereof, navigating life growing up raised by his aunt. So, everything feels fresh and exciting, instead of the fatigue you'd expect to feel from yet another Spider-Man movie.

    Plus there are five other Spider-Mans that we get to know alongside Miles' Spidey, consisting of an older Peter Parker, Spider-Man Noir (voiced by Nicholas Cage) and Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld). All these alternate Spideys bring a different flavour, and tons of organic humour, from their varying universes.

    The animation styles used in this film are some of the most fascinating. We get to see the different Spider-Men depicted through a variety of animation styles, often according to their universes and original comic book styles. There's a bit of 3D, anime and tradional 2D, and some very cool shading styles for every Spidey, which helps secure the audiences' attention for all of the film as we look forward to the mind-boggling, stunning visuals.

    This is a comic book movie like no other I've seen in quite some time. It has actually made me want to go on a wild shopping spree for every piece of Spider-Man merch and toys; pyjamas, body suits, fake-web slingers, fanko-pops, etc. Can you honestly say when the last time was that a superhero movie made you feel this way, like a kid again?

    The film hits theaters on December 14, 2018. A highly recommended watch!

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