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Slice, 2018

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    Slice is set in a small ghost town of Kingfisher, where human residents share the town with some 40, 000 actual ghosts, although they're each segregated to one end of the town by their living/unliving statuses.

    Kingfisher is not only interesting because it's the only town home to that many ghosts, but it also has a pizza place that is apparently built atop a gateway to hell. The town also boasts of monsters and magic and other cool creepy things like that. Oh, there are also a coven of really bad witches who seek world-domination. All these silly but intriguing details are the perfect ingredients for the making of a classic horror-comedy, so how did Slice manage to become such a big miss?

    The movie's writer/director Austin Vesely is a long-time collaborator of Chance the Rapper (who stars as a menacing werewolf named Dax); he's directed his music videos. I can see why A24 would take the creative leap in bringing these two guys together for their first full-length debuts by an esteemed indie studio. But this unfortunately turned out to be a bad decision from a studio that is known for its almost flawless roster.

    Slice was supposed to be one silly ride and a classic in the making. It was also supposed to roll us right into Halloween festivities as a chaser to all the other more serious movies readying their debuts for the spooky season. It instead folded over into itself and became a cheap-looking enthusiast experiment. Goes to show, just because you're good with a camera and you've written some storylines doesn't necessarily make you a filmmaker. It gets obvious that Vesely got so overwhelmed that he just ended up winging the writing the more the movie progressed.

    Kingfisher is the perfect town to manipulate into being a landmark for horror movie lovers, what with all its secrets and cool monsters and witchcraft, etc. But Vesely fails dismally in world-building, characterisation and just overall story. Man, the story sucks. And for an easy plot like that, I'm not sure how anyone could stretch it so far out that they miss the objective of their own movie altogether.

    Zazie Beetz and Chance the Rapper shine, though. They do the best with what they've got; there's no doubt that the two of them, especially Chance, have what it takes to take Hollywood by storm to join their brethren Childish Gambino in the elites' corner.

    The film's visually and aesthetically pleasing AF, though. It looks like one long eerie and colourful music video. The director definitely has an eye for angles because every frame has a still to die for. Though Slice is not the classic-to-be slasher I was hoping for, it is a good watch to kickstart a silly night of horror movie binging with friends on a Saturday night. I recommend it for only when you're not really up for anything that has substance, and I guess those kind of movies are cool too for when someone wants some sort of mindless escape.

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