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Seven Psychopaths, 2012

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    I'm pretty sure from the title you already know that you're gonna be in for a wild ride in this zany black crime comedy from director Martin McDonagh .

    The plot revolves around Marty an in denial alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter with a catchy title for script called the seven psychopaths but no actual story to go on.Marty struggles to create a blockbuster worthy story while having to contend with his annoying oddball friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) who runs a scam with another associate Hans (Christopher Walken) kidnapping dogs for reward money.Unfortunately one day Billy steals the wrong dog as it just so happens that this pooch happens to belong to a violent sociopathic mob boss (Woody Harrellson) who's willing to kill anyone in order to get his pet back.With gangsters hot on their pursuit the ensuing madness to come ironically manages to provide Marty with the content he's been needing to make his script a success

    I'm a huge fan of unorthodox crime comedies so I really enjoyed Seven Psychopaths.Expect a lot of dark humour, dream sequences, crazy stories & gory violence that would make even Taratino smile.

    My only qualms with this movie is that the third act was a little bit underwhelming but other that it's a definite must see if your in the mood for something a little different on movie night.

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