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Roma, 2018

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    Roma is a 2018 drama film directed by Alfonso Cuaron, the film stars Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Fernando Gerdiaga, Jorge Antonio Guerrero and Nancy Garcia. The film follows the life of a woman named Cleo a live in maid to a middle class family from the years 1970 to 1971 in Mexico City.

    Just get it out of the way, Roma is probably one of the best films you’ll ever watch in 2018 because what Alfonso Cuaron has created here is a “small” film that feels grand and is authentic in every sense of the word.

    The film is beautifully shot by Alfonso himself, the slick black and white cinematography is absolutely spectacular and detailed. Alfonso gives us gorgeous imagery that not only enhances the inner turmoil that the family is going through (mainly the parents) but it also enhances the turmoil of the backdrop, as Mexico City is going through a violent phase with land disputes and social unrest. I also think that with this film Alfonso has proven himself as the master of composition, and the detailing in this film is spectacular especially the background and how he transitions them to the foreground. His ability give us so much information about the time, place, social status of our characters and such, in the space of a few seconds without any dialogue just moving pictures and sound is a thing of beauty.
    The way in which the close ups and wides to give us details and scale, while maintaining the naturalistic style is mind blowing to me but then again this is from the man who not only pays attention to the narrative but also the way in which the narrative is told, a man who guides the audience to pay attention to the mission statement of the film and how the pictures tie into that mission statement.

    Roma is masterfully written with a story that thrills and engrosses you. With a performance that is incredibly touching and honest from newcomer Yalitza Aparicio, who portrays Cleo in a subtle yet empathic way that feels truly genuine and really moves you, Yalitza Aparicio truly is the heart of the film. The story is joyful sometimes and sad sometimes but it never fails to have a connection with you, where it shares the tragedies and joys of the characters. Roma might sound like a simple drama film on the surface but beneath it is a work of art that is full of empathy, respect and is insanely human at the core.


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