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Rampage, 2018

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    I mean, if you love yourself a senseless extravaganza neatly wrapped in a big monster action adventure piece, no matter the quality of overall content, then any Dwayne Johnson movie of recent will sate your uniquely established taste. If you're more into where the story can take you aside from the flares of special effects and Johnson's muscles, then you might experience some turbulence along the way.

    Rampage is based on a game that lets you use any of the three large monsters to destroy a city before the military gets to them. These monsters come in the form of a spawny crocodile, a super werewolf, and of course the ape (George) which we've seen alongside The Rock in the promotions of the movie. The evil corporation (obviously) named Energyne orchestrate an illegal genetic experiment from which a mutative serum ends up infecting some three animals with an unexplainable temper and agitation, and a serious growth spazz.

    Of course adapting the story to film meant that there had to be meat added to the story in order for it to become compelling enough for movie-going audiences to go out and watch it. Although I don't think some franchise fandoms would've minded merely watching overpowered super monsters destroying buildings for no secluded reason.

    Rampage is not bad at all, in fact it is more compelling than most of the summer movies we've seen this year. Naomei Harris' (Dr Caldwell) backstory of why she went on to become a rogue scientist, as well as Davis Okoye's (Johnson) story of how he became friends with George layer the story quite convincingly. With strong enough characterisation and a dire plot established, it's only the action scenes that hold the movie back from reaching its full potential. I mean what the hell, right?

    The action scenes in this type of movie should be the strings that hold the entire thing together, as many audiences of this genre often anticipate. Stuff does get lit up and go boom, though, but not in any way that would entice an audience that probably has a long history of blockbuster-watching and has seen a dinosaur go hand-for-hand with a slithering lizard. If your movie has a large monster on the loose, serving as the main villian too, at least take time to both develop its character and also beware not to get overly excited with overpowering it that it isn't much too fun to watch the action scenes unfold anymore as we can almost always predict the outcome. In short, the three monsters needed a bit more character to them than just genetic mutation that causes them to destroy cities.

    Rampage took me by surprise. I expected to come out the film flustered and overwhelmed with heavy sighs, but I was instead captivated for the 2 hours, cheering George and the others on at every challenge. Might not be strong enough to be mentioned among the great, but it sure has the juice to get you going for the time that you've spared. Great movie to unwind and have jovial fun to.

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