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Prometheus, 2012

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    In honour of the forthcoming release of Alien : Covenant I thought it would be cool to review the first instalment of Sir Ridley Scotts Alien Prequel Trilogy

    Prometheus is a sci-fi horror mystery film which takes place before the events of the original 1970 cult classic Alien. In the year 2089 a group of archeologists discover tablets scattered across the world from various ancient cultures which provide evidence that advanced extra terrestrials,known as the Engineers, visited Earth in our distant past & where in fact responsible for the creation of the human race.

    This prompts a team of scientists to follow a star map found on these tablets and embark on an interstellar expedition,funded by the CEO of major space exploration company Weyland Corporation, so they can locate the home world of the Engineers to learn more about our own origins.The team of scientists reach their destination but soon realise that this mysterious world doesn't hold the answers they seek but a nightmarish evil which threatens to not only destroy them all but Earth as well.

    Prometheus really made great use of dark colours to create the mysterious & extremely creepy atmosphere that we experiance throughout the film.The cinematography was also excellent with some great shots that showed the grand scale of the alien planet's landscape & the Engineers tomb.

    The cast was awesome especially the individual performances from the ever so talanted Michael Fassbender as the enigmatic android David & Naomi Roopace who is plays the role of Archeaologist Elizibeth Shaw.The rest of the cast were awesome as can expected with thespians like Guy Pearce (Peter Weyland) Idris Elba (Captain Janek) & Charlize Theron (Meridith Vickers) involved.

    As a fan of the orginal Alien films I felt like Prometheus was a bit of a let down because we only get to see the iconic Xenomorph as a easter egg at the end of the film.The film was interesting & engaging but it dragged a little bit too long with the scientists preoccupation with solving the mystery of the Engineers before the third act of the film when things finally start getting interesting.

    All in all I really enjoyed Prometheus as it really did well with exploring the concept of the Ancient Astronaut Theory which hypothises that ancient aliens visitied & helped humanity evolve into beings capable of creating their own civilizations.A great installment in the Alien franchise even though it could have much better & way scarier.

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