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Prisoners, 2013

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    How far would you go to save your child if you were to lose them? Prisoners is a mystery thriller that seeks to answer this question with the plot revolving around an incident of child kidnapping in a small mid western town leaving two families struggling with the trauma of losing their little girls . The detective presiding over the missing persons case (Jake Gylenhall ) does his utmost to solve the complex mystery whilst at the same time one fathers desperation (Hugh Jackman ) prompts him to use cruel methods in an attempt to find his precious daughter. Rising directing talent Denis Villeneuve makes his mark on the film with his own signature dark storytelling & visuals. The film also has a wealth of talent to call upon with the likes of Viola Davis & Terrence Howard in the mix. If you're in the mood for a traditional crime mystery with great individual performances Prisoners comes highly recommended .

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