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Power Rangers, 2017

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    Power Rangers comes to the big screen, rebooting the 90s TV series. The Rangers here are set to directly relate to the youth of right now, in this moment, and they do it well. The film also tackles widely-discussed, sensitive social issues- suicide and autism. And just like every other brand now-adays, they realise they can't be sloppy with these topics and so handle them with great care.

    We only get to witness true action towards the last 30 minutes, which might be a drag for some. But for others, such as myself, it's an opportunity to truly get to know these suppposed "chosen ones" that we're to trust with our lives. The fillers come appreciated. We get to see the Rangers bond through their mischief- Breakfast Club style kumbaya. We see them grow into the friends that will have to ultimately face-off the evil antagonist- whom is set on destroying their town and the rest of the world with a Zeo Crystal- Rita Repulsa, as a united front.

    Our mischievous explorers find themselves in trouble from the word "Go", and that sets the tone for the rest of the film; these are not preppy, do-gooders. They each have their troubles.

    This is a film with heart, adventure and well-written humor. RJ Cyler's Billy (Blue Ranger) carries most of the film on his back with his wit and care-free nature. Becky G's Trini (Yellow Ranger) could've spoken more. But what was especially dissapointing was that we expected a little more representation of the LGBTQ community than what we got through her. They teased her to be queer during the film's promos, but we instead got a one-line hint at her sexuality.

    Rita Repulsa is a more agitated, charged Enchantress (Suicide Squad) and that should say most of what I think of her as the main villian. Power Rangers is an overall satisfying, warm and quirky film which, I imagine, will elaborate more on the bits that are left out in the planned films for the franchise.
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    I have to watch Power Rangers now!!

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