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Parasyte Part 1 (Kiseijū), 2014

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    Parasyte Part 1 is a 2014 film. It is the first in a two part film series. The film is directed by Takashi Yamazaki and stars Shota Sometani as Shinichi Izumi, Eri Fukatsu as Ryoko Tamiya, Sadao Abe as Migi.

    The film follows Shinichi who discovers an alien parasyte that tries to eat his brain but he luckily stops it, the parasyte bonds with his right hand instead. The parasyte named “Migi” and Shinichi must now co-exist in an ever changing world being run over by alien parasyte.
    Whew where do I even begin? Well I’ll begin by saying this film is totally bad-ass and currently has me loving manga adaptation Japanese cinema. It’s a blend of superhero origin flick with iconic alien invasion/body snatcher horror flick, with dark humour that will cut through even the hardest of critics.

    The film’s first act introduces us to the world and the relationships at play, this act is very playful and light yet graphic, with the realization of the parasytes true nature. Shinichi like every other male “hero” lead in origin stories must learn to control in this case co-exist with his found “powers”/parasyte. Here the power being the parasyte which can shape shift in weapons that can slice anything. This act also gives Migi the parasyte human qualities without taking away his monstrous nature. The balance between the light heartedness of Shinichi and the horrors of the aliens is shown brilliantly as neither over takes the other.

    The second act is where the dark humour and characters really shine, as motivations and goals are really clear and one gets the sense of what’s really at stake and our hero finally leaps into action and comes to understand what he’s up against.

    What I love about Japanese films and their characters is how well balanced they are, from the few I’ve seen the male leads are usually goofy with little to no sense of direction in life until the inciting incident happens and throughout the film the character’s goof seems to disappear as the character grows and stakes become higher. They become “responsible heroes” who make the tough choices no one else can.

    The ending of the second act sees this as our hero loses his “humanity” and goes into the third guns blazing lacking the goof and just emotionless and rigid. This where Shota Sometani really shines as an actor, he somehow intensifies his pull and presence and your focus is on him, and what he goes through. Eri Fukatsu as Ryoko Tamiya is also brilliant in this act as Ryoko becomes more human her character arch shifts from villain to anti-hero and her emotions are placed perfectly in the grand scheme of things that will have you wondering what her next move will be in the next film. This act also serves as a semi first act for part 2, cause it closes itself out but also begins what seems like an even bigger game.
    There’s not much I can say about the film visually as the effects weren’t so bad, they were believable and the gore/body horror parts of where just that, although the film might have all these horror elements it did well in not falling into the clichéd horror beats, actually it lacked horror beats and replaced them with superhero-dark comedy beats which for me was genius.
    I’m literally gonna get my hands on part 2. You guys should check out this one.

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