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Moonlight, 2016

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    "In moonlight black boys look blue". A beautiful quote from the little film that did the unthinkable by winning best picture at the academy Awards.

    Moonlight is a ghetto coming of age story that focuses of the life journey of the story's protagonist a young black mam called Chiron. The film is divided into three chapters each representing a period in Chirons tumultuous life from through childhood, teenagehood & adulthood.The beauty of Moonlight lies it's unassuming nature & ability to tell a truly intimate story of a young black mans struggle with finding himself,dealing with living in a volitile ghetto environment and most importantly coming to terms with his homosexuality.

    Moonlight is a pretty little film that make excellent use of colour that made it visually appealing but also managed to evoke emotion and tone within each scene.I loved the realness & grounded nature of the film which was in part due to the excellent acting within a stellar cast that includes talented thespians like Marshalla Ali & Naomie Harris .This is a triumph of a film who's overall message of the importance of finding self acceptance really hit home.I really hope Moonlights sucess inspires the industry to make more mainstream movies that aim to tell the stories of underrepresented people within society .

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