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Mission: Impossible - Fallout, 2018

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    Mission: Impossible - Fallout is exactly the type of film that honours and even supersedes its predecessors, such as Die Hard and Top Gun. This is a film that goes to great lengths to make sure it ultimately satisfies the crave for action and adrenaline that I'm sure most people go into the cinemas expecting from these kind of movies. Although the film can be a bit of a drag in the beginning, there isn't a doubt that this is one of the films to watch out of this year.

    As you can already imagine the plot that accompanies any spy thriller, this film follows protagonist Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruz) as he hunts down a group of terrorists out to cause mayhem across the world. Within all of the chaos, we have a subplots layered with undercurrents of love, family and friendship. It's nothing that we haven't seen before under this type of setting and circumstances, but these subplots are the surprise pillers of the film; serving especially as waylayers while we await that odd, though well-crafted, action piece here and there.

    The set pieces, action sequences and even the characters live up to an action movie of this big a scale. Where I can fault the movie is when it gets too chewy with dialogue and plot-fillers that only make the audience desperately yearn for the next time Hunt is jumping on or off a 'copter, or even crashing a few. The Lorne Balf score is also erratic more times than not and outs the film's pacing issues where it really loses itself.

    It's understandable for filmmakers to want to want to throw in some depth and backstory where they can, but everyone knows and loves the Mission: Impossible franchise for its epic and fast-paced, and even sometimes silly, story and action. But this particular installment lacked a lot with the extravagant, and thus seemed as though the film didn't know how to identify itself until the very last minutes- which luckily brings the film full circle and saves it from merely being just another movie to tick off your list.

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout gets epic until it doesn't, and then picks up again just when you're about to tilt your head and close your eyes for a moment; to conclude, it is a good enough action epic if you're able to be a little patient between the parts where it tries to be more than just bombs going off and Tom Cruz running around the city trying to save the world.

    Oh, shoutout to Henry Cavill (Superman) and Angela Bassett for killing their respective roles; super enjoyable performances from both of them! It's always nice to see talented faces joining a known franchise and holding it down.

    In closing, I'll quote a partner-in-crime of mine:

    Unnamed... tell them it needs more action and has a good to average storyline...

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