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Million Dollar Baby, 2004

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    Million Dollar Baby is an Academy Award winning film directed by Clint Eastwood about the poignant relationship between an aspiring female boxer & her soul weary boxing coach.

    Clint Eastwood plays Frankie Dunn a cantankerous old boxing coach & gym owner who's going through an existential crisis after alienating his only daughter.Not only does he have to deal with trying to keep his struggling gym afloat with his best friend Eddie Dupri ( Morgan Freeman ) but also losing one of his prized male fighters to another rival coach.Just as it seems like Frankie is going to continue on this downward spiral of despair a unlikely source of hope comes in the form of a hapeless young women Maggie Fitzgerald (Hillary Swank) who has a desperate wish to become a professional boxer & wants Frankie to be her mentor. Although Frankie is at first unwilling to train her because of her inexperience & his general disdain for female boxing he realizes through observation that Maggie is a latent boxing prodigy which convinces him to train her.

    Eventually what starts out as an awkward mentor/mentee relationship turns into a genuine friendship with the two finding a quiet solace in each other along with fleeting success for Maggie as she goes on an unassailable winning streak.However a horrendous accident occurs during a title championship fight of that results in her being hospitalized with zero chance of recovery.Frankie is then is forced to make a decision that no matter what the outcome will ultimately break him for the rest his life .

    I loved how the relationship between Maggie & Frankie mirrored that of one between father & daughter which would have meant a lot to Frankie since his own daughter disowned him .To me they were both lost souls who filled the aspects of themselves that they were missing with each other.This is why the final scene where has to choose between letting live in a constant state of paralysis in hospital for the rest of her life or allowing her die in peace with his help is especially heartbreaking because he wouldn't only lose a dear prodigy but someone that was something like second daughter to him.

    Million Dollar Baby is must see classic with an excellent cast & super emotional story that's guaranteed to having you crying so keep some tissues by your side just incase.

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