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Kingsman: The Golden Circle, 2017

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    "For the record, Charlie, I'm more of a gentleman than you'll ever be. But right now, it's time to drop the gentle bit. This is for Kingsman."


    What's the best way to describe a spy movie with robot guard dog's, cowboys with laser lasso's, cyborg henchmen,a villain who turns her enemy's into hamburgers, underwater cars & a Kung Fu kicking Sir John Elton ? The correct answer would be describe Kingsman as an R-rated James Bond film on cocaine.The Golden Circle is once again directed by Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake,X-Men First Class,Kick Ass) and serves as a direct to sequel to the hugely popular comic book adaptation Kingsman The Secret Service. Taron Egerton returns to the cast as the loveable unorthodox spy Eggsy along with fellow cast members Mark Strong & Colin Firth but also has a lot of new additions in the form of Pedro, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julian Moore & Jeff Bridges.


    Kingsman starts almost immediately after the first film left with Eggsy finally achieving his journey of becoming a fully fledged Kingsman agent.However there's no time to rest on his laurels as a mysterious drug cartel which has monopoly over the world's narcotics,known as the Golden circle, has effectively crippled the Kingsman by assassinating a majority of their agents & destroying their headquarters leaving Eggsy & agent Merlin as the only surviving members left. The two desperately seek out the help of their American secret service counterparts the Statesman in effort to thwart the sinister the Golden circle who plan on holding the all the worlds recreational drug users as hostages in an attempt to bargain with the leaders of the free world.


    The absolutely loved the first Kingsman film with its odd ball characters, super slicks action fights & lewd humour so if you enjoyed the first installment the Golden Circle will not disappoint as possesses all the best elements of its predecessor. The only downside of this film is that there is essentially zero character development from any of the protagonists but that's to expected from a film which is essentially a r-rated parody of the secret spy genre. This film sticks to it's strengths by dishing out tons out of outlandish fight sequences & humour that would most probably make your mother cringe.


    Kingsman is a super fun action film that I recommend that you watch if ever your in the mood for a a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and aims to break all the stereotypes usually associated with more serious spy flicks like the Bond & Bourne franchises one inappropriate quip at a time.


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