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Justice League, 2017

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    Justice League is a 2017 superhero movie, directed by Zack Snyder and stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller and Jason Mamoa, along with Diane Lane, Amy Adams.


    Well I just finished a double viewing of Zack's DCEU trilogy and uhm I really don't know what to say, meaning I don't know how to really review this so I'll get straight to the point and just talk about the good and bad.

    Let me start with the bad. For those of you who kinda know me from my twitter ramblings (@lucid_unicorn) know that I don't like movies that don't know what they trying to be. Unfortunately Justice League is one of those films, unlike Dawn of Justice where it had layers and a million voices at least it knew what kind of film it's trying to be.


    Justice League suffers from Zack Snyder's philosophical mythos and Joss Whedon's generic pop goof, polar opposites. They each pull at each other trying to be the distinctive style/voice and as an example (spoiler) I'll use the scene between Martha and Lois at the Daily Planet, a scene where we get the true impact of Clark's death (not Superman) on those he loved, the scene was hitting all the dramatic beats beautifully only for the climax to be a "thirstiest"/"hungriest" joke which completely flatlined the whole mood, it felt displaced.


    This leads me into the cringe worthy dialogue and generic haha's which I had a problem with in Thor: Ragnarok because these things take away dramatic tension which is extremely necessary for a scene to work, when there's no dramatic tension the audience miss emotional/scene cues without these our attention is misplaced and we get uncomfortable.

    A movie less about story and more about it's characters, and though that maybe a good thing but here the film struggles to balance itself between the five unique distinctive voices of the characters.

    1) the night world of the Dark Knight

    2) the mythological guardian world of the Amazon

    3) the techno-emo world of Cyborg

    4) the brooding seas of Atlantis

    5) the fast paced - slow burn world view of Barry Allen


    And there's the underlayered world of human, hope and superman. These worlds each fighting each other to be distinctive without actually trying to work together to become the justice league.

    And Hollywood needs to stop this culture of cutting out scenes after previewing them in trailers, selling us dreams. lol.

    The good, and that's the characters.

    Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller shine as Cyborg and The Flash.

    Polar opposites that actually work, Ray who was commanding and Ezra who was charming. Two ingredients that would make for a spectacular buddy techno-noir time travel movie.


    Gal's problematic self showed off her acting talents playing a Diana/Wonder Woman who is holding off and hiding in shadows still dealing with the effects from her solo outing, here she's kinda still trying to deal with being alone I guess.

    And whoever is responsible for Bruce and Diana's romantic tension is an ass stop that sh*t (not really) but stop.


    Yikes but when the movie gets human that's when it works (ala Barry Allen & his father, Cyborg and his father scenes. Lois scenes too)

    Though These characters are amazing.

    It sacrifices story to get straight to the point, some script points didn't work (cringe worthy dialogue and comedic moments "thirstiest young woman he ever met *pause* hungriest" I'm really never gonna forgive whoever is responsible for this)

    The movie is truly a justice league movie from mid act two till the end...


    Zack makes us scream and clap a few moments in the film, the visualist he is. Unlike the substance, visually the different worlds blend perfectly.

    And Clark/Superman's return.

    [Insert wig snatched gif] Yassss Clark drag a b*tch!!!

    The reunion between Clark, Lois and Martha omg my heart.

    I know a lot of you might not like the big baddie but I kinda liked is video game-esque motivations and also one thing I really liked about Justice League is that it didn't tease a bigger baddie (name dropping does not count) it was just the here and now.


    I found that another thing the film does well is set up the future of the characters individually.

    Barry's future, which will probably lead into flashpoint.

    Batman's retirement which will probably lead to his solo outing and introduce us to Nightwing who will eventually take over from Bruce Wayne.

    Diana's renewed sense of heroism and leadership which will probably shape a different Wonder Woman sequel.

    Cyborg new found sense of belonging with the team will eventually lead him into forming the teen titans.

    Aquaman's unresolved issues are sure to be addressed in his solo next year and we'll get more scenes of a tough and brooding Mera.

    the little moments where the film worked teased greatness for the individuals but not necessarily together.

    But honestly overall Justice League didn't make me excited for the future like BvS. The team wouldn't have to meet again I would be fine. There was no adrenaline rush for more team up action, its just generic like that other companies 10+ plus movies. Its a popcorn movie which is very unlike Snyder, however I will comeback and edit this review once the directors cut (Snyder's version hopefully) drops.


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