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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, 2018

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    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the sequel to the 2015 box office success, Jurassic World. The film is directed by horror auteur J. A. Bayona, who makes his horror-roots almost impossible to miss.

    This sequel is idealistic as much as it is unimaginative on screen. Set at a misty, spooky lone castle of a rich and dying old white man who lives with his fussy grand daughter, I only imagine the story being interesting enough as an R. L. Stine novel. What with big and scary monsters who sneak about the premises with sharp claws, stalking tiny little children.

    Bayona, who directed the utterly brilliant When a Monster Calls, has shown ability as a one-of-a-kind director, thus can perhaps be excused for this dud of a script which resulted the overall mess that Fallen Kingdom giddly becomes.

    In his sequel we get a politically charged plot where we now see the Steven Spielberg-imagined park coming down in flames. All the while rich and ego-centric playboys around the world want a piece of the now genetically manipulated dinosaurs that can either be used as bio-weapons or for collectors' purposes.

    Sure, any old cinema-goer whose intrigue is a fast-paced monster movie with things blowing, and of course seeing Chris Pratt being a typical handsome saviour-type, is in for a joy-ride. But as far as the franchise goes in terms of weightiness and narrative quality and obligation, I'd say it has hit the ceiling. This is especially when you'd imagine a director like Bayona would at least offer us much more to chew on than, well, monsters and things blowing up with a side of Chris Pratt Chris Pratting. If you're looking for a meaty story you can really dig your teeth into, sorry but this still isn't it.

    What's even worse is the music that is used. It goes from annoying to out-right pushing it just when you think you'd had enough. It's one thing to want to steer every aspect of a known franchise into a new and fresh direction, but to completely miss the point becomes frustrating. It went from being post-apocalyptic crisis, to Jesus' coming, to a 90s sci-fi in there very often. None of the music actually fit the film aside from the quieter atmospheric compositions. Music is one aspect of a film you can't mess up because it is the second thing after visuals that any movie-watcher picks up on. Music sets the mood, and if your music doesn't know which mood it's trying to set then you're in trouble.

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is as hollow as any action-packed monster movie can get. It tries to be interesting, it tries to contrast itself from the rest of the bunch but it ends up coming around to chew on its own tail. If you're to watch it, expect nothing more than the usual, with a bit more absurdity attached due to the horror elements Bayona insists on incorporating so to set the movie apart.

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