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John Wick, 2014

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    "John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar... with a pencil, with a f@$&*#g pencil. "


    John Wick is a neo noir high octane action film directed by Chad Stahelski & David Leitch. The film stars Keaanu Reeves as the primary protagonist along with Ian Mcshane, Willam Defoe, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen & John Leguizamo.


    The films plot centers around a very solitary lone wolf character known as John Wick who finds peace in solitude & the company of his beloved puppy dog. John lives a relatively secluded life until one night a group of Russian thugs invade his home, steal his prized possession vintage Ford Mustang & cruelly kill his puppy right in front of his eyes then proceed to beat John to a pulp. We later learn that the leader of this group of thugs is actually Losef Tarasov who just so happens to be the only son of Viggo Tarasov the top Russian mob boss of the underworld. Upon learning about the home invasion incident Viggo realizes that his son unintentionally robbed John Wick the greatest assassin in the criminal underworld & that on top of that the puppy they killed was John’s last gift from his dead wife. After recovering from hospital & fueled by rage John proceeds to enter the fray in a singular quest of revenge to locate & kill Losef Tarasov.


    I found John Wick to be a fairly entertaining movie as far as action flicks go. I really enjoyed John Wick’s fight scene choreography especially as they incorporated a unique gun toting style know as "Gun-Fu" which has been used in other films like Equilibrium & Wanted. The fights scenes had a sort of beautiful brutality to them because the use of aesthetic neon lighting that juxtaposed against John’s violent onslaught against the Russian mercenaries he has to fight throughout the film. Also I loved Keanu Reeves as he simply kills it as the protagonist in this film portraying John Wick as the cool, calm & super deadly lone wolf.


    My biggest gripes with this movie is that although it was visually awesome the plot was super thin & very predictable. I love a good action film but if it’s just going to be another generic revenge flick then I get bored very easily to be honest. The film’s climax was also kind of anticlimactic which was disappointing considering how well the pacing of the film was throughout the 1st & 2nd acts. Lastly I felt like there should have been an epic final battle just to end of John Wick on a high note but alas the ending left much to be desired in my honest opinion.


    All in all John Wick is a really awesome action flick which I rate is actually kind of over hyped but definitely still worth the watch especially if you’re a die-hard Keanu Reeves fan like me. Hopefully John Wick 2: The second chapter is better.


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