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IT: Chapter Two, 2019

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    IT: Chapter Two follows the Losers' Club 20 or so years later, and it becomes evidently rather speedily that Andrés Muschietti was determined to steer the sequel into a whole new direction. Pennywise, but scarier and maybe with added ligaments and a penchant for "the darker, the better", and it works to his favour for the most part!

    The film's focus is all counts of tragedy. This way Muschietti's able to, through a glaring, unwavering narrative, offer relevant social critic through an over display of all-too-familiar ghastly scenarios. Aside from the first film's leads being children and Chapter Two centering around their adult versions, what is the most glaring distinction between the two is that this sequel doesn't care to pander to a general audience and stays true to the director's vision- turning out to be more artistically enclined, for the better, too!

    Chapter Two is surprisingly filled with more action, that's padded with a distinct kind of extreme horror that may divide the original movie's fans from true horror fans. Don't get me wrong, the first movie was everything it needed to be and more, but after watching Muschietti's extension of this lore, any true horror fan will be able to tell which of the two stays loyal to Steven King's specific style of horror. Even the flashbacks to a younger Losers' Club are particularly grim and less dough-eyed through Muschietti's eyes.

    IT: Chapter Two is overall an enjoyable film that encompasses action, emotion and true horror. Though this film might seem divisive to those who would've hoped for a lighter atmosphere that the first one innocently embraced, the director's risk into a darker, grimmer narrative ground truly pays off in the end.

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