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I Am Mother, 2019

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    I Am Mother is definitely a one of a kind movie that will feed your stealthy curiousity and fuel anxiety about a future for humans during a artificial intelligence/robot uprising.

    We've all seen articles and videos being passed around online about what would happen if the robots that we keep enhancing were to gain full conciousness. Well, this movie has just the answer in mind; maybe with a side of exaggeration (who the hell knows?) and apprehension-enducing tropes from such movies, but an interesting, thought-provoking answer nonetheless.

    The robot ("Mother") is basically cultivating a new world by herself, claiming to care fore human beings so much that she wishes to "better" the entire specie through enhancing their cognitive intelligence. Just from reading that outline you can already imagine how wretched the the themes and atmosphere of this movie are. It's probably one of the most whatthefuck, intense movies I've watched in a while.

    One of the most interesting aspects of the film is that you'll find yourself going back and forth with who you personally think is right and wrong between the three characters. By the time the movie ends, you would have confronted your own moral authority and worldview. Which is what I think was the objective for audiences by the film's creators. It goes without saying that the film is a must watch. Even more so because the cast and crew respectively take their jobs very seriously, which resulted in one of the most visually pleasing films to watch.

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