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Hacksaw Ridge, 2016

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    Hacksaw Ridge is the latest directorial offering from Mel Gibson which focuses on the incredible true story of Private Desmond Doss a American soldier who fought in World War 2 .

    This is not your typical war film as the protagonist Desmond Doss ( played by Andrew Garfield ) is a conscientious objecter who despite being against the use of all forms of violence volunteers to serve his country in the ongoing war between the Allies & the Axis.This paradoxical stance ofcourse leads to all sorts of hardships for Doss during his initial training phase with the US army.

    Doss gets ridiculed, physically attacked & ostracized as a result of his beliefs causing intense internal strife and self doubt for our character.However despite all his hardships Doss manages to become a medical soldier for unit and at the penultimate battle with the enemy Japanese they've been tasked to defeat Doss pulls off one the most awe inspiring rescue operations for his fellow injured comrades .

    Hacksaw Ridge is a war film with ubiquitous scenes of graphic violence & chaos which perfectly portray the horrors of open warfare but it still does well in showcasing Desmond Doss heartwarming & inspiring feats of selflessness to save his fellow man despite the dangers he faced on the battlefield.

    Hacksaw Ridge is a war movie with a lot heart and great life lessons that the audience can draw from

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