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Gravity, 2013

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    Gravity is a 2013 film directed by Alfonso Cuarón. The film stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It follows Dr. Ryan Stone who must find a way back to earth after she is left stranded in space when her space shuttle is destroyed.

    Jesus Henry Christ where do I begin? Well I’ll say that Gravity is a masterpiece. Alfonso crafted a magnificent work of art that shows its audience that there’s always a way even when things seem dark and unimaginable, he creates an atmosphere that’s so adrenaline filled that we can do nothing but remain seated on the edge of our seats and witness miracles. Beautiful moving imagery with layer upon layer of themes that transport us into the world of Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) as all her fears are transplanted on us and we do nothing but cheer for her triumphs and hold our breathes for her downfalls.

    The film’s atmosphere is not just an adrenaline rush but also a tense adventure through space, with spectacular visuals and a breathtaking performance by Sandra Bullock who had to remind us who she is and why she’s good what she does. Sandra who in the course of her long career has been in many good movies but she herself has only ever made two great movies where she truly stands out and shines and those being While You Were Sleeping and Speed, now we can make that three with the addition Gravity.

    Former rom-com queen Sandra took the role of Dr. Ryan Stone and ran with it. Here she showed off her acting chops. Displaying a tough character with subtle hints of her scars from her past that wounded her. Ryan came across as a smart and tough woman yet sensitive and whose one true fear is being left alone/abandoned and honestly apart from the brilliant score and cinematography Sandra’s performance left me in awe as I thought she didn’t have it in her. She really did carry the film.

    Oh and Clooney is well Clooney.

    Speaking of cinematography the genius that is Alfonso enlisted another genius in the form Emmanuel Lubezki and the two recreated the magic they made in Children of Men but they somehow even bettered it. Lubezki’s photography in Gravity brought back a sense of beauty, wonder and new found appreciation for our big blue planet called earth. He also found a way to make space really terrifying unlike most flicks that have us wanting to leave earth for space. Here we want to stay right where we are and never leave cause of space’s harsh unforgiving nature, but there’s magnificence in the terror of Lubezki’s pictures and under Alfonso’s direction we got visionary brilliance. The score by Steven Price is everything and all his sounds contain every emotion that Dr. Ryan Stone goes through, from fear to happiness and all the in-between. If you have a listen to the score in the last scene in which Ryan “learns” to walk again, you’ll understand why an Oscar was well deserved.
    Alfonso cast a spell on us with this film, he capture us from the word go. Gravity’s opening 30 minutes are what I consider a master-class in filmmaking/storytelling, oh and the little homage to Ripley from Alien is pure genius I see you Alfonso. Some might say the film is overrated and blah blah blah I could care less. Year after year you can watch gravity and still find it fresh and learn something new. Dare I say its top two space movies of all time? YUP IT IS TOP TWO SPACE MOVIES OF ALL TIME.

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