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Flatliners, 2017

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    Flatliners tries to reconcile science with religion and/or spirituality through a bunch of dimwitted medical students who take sport in experimenting on each other's lives to aid their mutual fascination with being trailbrazers in the already congested profession of scientific discovery. As a result we get a movie that's neither great or a flop, as we're left as captivated as we are bored.

    There are some great shots that will make you wish the writers explored legends and lores of deadland before going into production. The movie is light in some parts and heavily absorbing in others, which makes it a highly frustrating watch.


    As a creative idea, the movie's plot is satisfyingly innovative and intriguing. Although the plot has been explored many a times in cinema, everyone loves a "what happens after you die/in the afterline" storyline. Flatliners explores lores and manifestations a la Inception. We're taken through multiple conciousness planes via our subjects—all aided by squealing, whimpering and screeching sounds—where they're confronted by parallel realities where their biggest sins come to life.

    When the movie finally embraces its horror side we're reeled into an involuntary sermon thickened with teachings on moral values and accountability. All the clichéd horror-movie spoofs aimlessly rear their heads as well. So, Flatliners is an acceptable and tolerable take on the afterlife until it's not.


    What I enjoyed is that the cast and crew seem to have believed in the movie so much that they saved it from totally flatlining. Though the movie ultimately depends on facilitated oxygen, it flashes glimpses of hope here and there which unwittingly bump up its lifespan. I hope you see what I did there!

    This movie basically tries to give viewers an 80s/90s sci-fi rush, but typically ends up enveloping the objective with pop cult mannerisms that water it down to being just another fetish remake- failing to better or even resemble expounding the original. It just doesn't live up to its full potential, and that's a shame that will weigh on you more than you'd anticipate. It leaves too much room for wonder, which isn't good for a movie that's basically supposed to serve as some sort of revelation/report—as well as some redemption offering for the confound 90s original.


    Flatliners is basically the awakening of Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev, Inception's Ellen Page, Rogue One's Diego Luna, and the others, in an alternate universe where hippie jivin' over rootbeer is the prerogative and nothing of substance really matters, unlike their defining gigs. They put together quite a show though! So I'd watch it merely for the convincing acting and the slightly inventive take on the afterlife.

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