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Fame, 1980

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    I didn't expect to fall in love with this movie they way I did because the modern remake was extremely underwhelming but it just goes to show that when it comes to movies the original version is always best .

    Fame is a coming of age movie which revolves around the lives of a diverse group of art students who have recently enrolled at the New York High School Of Performing Arts.The audience follows the lives of the main characters Coco (Irene Cara) , Montgomery ( Paul Mcrane) , Bruno( Lee Curtelli) ,Doris (Maureen Teefy ) , Ralph (Barry Miller ) & Leroy (Gene Anthony Ray) as well as other students within the school on their life paths from first year all the way until graduation year over a three year period.

    Fame doesn't glamourize life at an art school as these young students not only have to ensure they master their respective art crafts & pass their subjects but must also deal with a diverse set of issues that include learning self acceptance,relationships, depression,illiteracy,the perils of unsafe sex,rape,rejection & homosexuality .

    The representation & diversity within this film is really great not just in terms of having characters of different races but also different backgrounds.This is an extremely mature film that does an excellent job tackling a lot of serious societal issues head on without using kid gloves.

    Fame is a beautiful film with a strong cast of young talented actors and an even stronger message.The audience will definitely develop more respect & empathy for people who choose the path of the artist after witnessing all the trials and tribulations they face to make their dreams come true.

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