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Arrival, 2016

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    Watching this film reminded me of why I love movies so much. The menacing silence that we're introduced to from the beginning is probably the most enthralling aspect of the movie. The dialog is so wry and timid, muchlike like Dr. Louise (Amy Adams), that by the time you realise just how mindblowing the concept is you're left feeling like a fish out of the water- though, weirdly, you're okay with that.

    The haunting, mournful sound and the misty colours are used to enhance the film's arc; which is direly consequential. Every move counts, and the wrong move often means a major setback which can at any minute mean the extinction of earth, so you can only imagine how desperately and intensely the story unfolds. What we arrive at in the end is a simply beautiful movie. This one will be one of my personal favourites for a very long time.

    From the cinematography, to the arcs, right down to the tie-in at the end, brilliant film! I'm still shocked that it didn't get as much appreciation from The Academy as it deserved. Amy Adams gave one of her best performance yet.

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