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Doctor Strange, 2016

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    After making movies about billionaire playboys with futuristic mech suits,super soldiers that fought in WW2,norse gods,epic super hero team ups,adventures in space & even shrinking superheroes the Marvel cinematic universe chose to delve into the world of magic for their fourteenth franchise film.

    The story is about Dr Stephen Strange a world renowned neurosurgeon who cares more about fame than saving lives. After a near fatal car crash however he loses the use of his hands ending his illustrious career.Desperate to heal his ruined hands Strange goes on a journey across the world eventually stumbling across the temple of the Ancient One who so happens to be the Sorcerer Supreme a mystical being charged with Earth from dark magical threats. Strange joins the temple & learns magic but as the story progresses he gets caught up in a battle against an evil group of magicians hellbent on bringing about oblivion to our world.

    Doctor Strange is a visual feast as it assaults our eyes with beautiful super trippy & just plain crazy sequences.This is a truly magical film filled with epic one magical duels,teleportation,enchanted objects,astral projection & worlds that defy the laws of physics.It has a pretty great cast that all gave great individual performances especially from Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One , Chiwetel Ejifor as Baron Mordo & Benedict Cumberbatch as the protagonist Dr Strange.

    My only qualms with this movie is that it followed a pretty straight forward formula that's been applied to many comic book films in the past but all in all it's a solid film that's packed with a whole lot of awesomeness

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