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Despicable Me 3, 2017

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    Fans of the two previous movies of the cheeky and fun Despicable franchise and the Minions may find a way to enjoy the sloppy slapstick humor and the unbecoming silliness that is Despecable Me 3. But for everyone else, this installment might be the dullest yet. I don't think even the small children it is targeted toward could resist an eyeroll or two through its dragging 90 minutes.

    Illumination Entertainment clearly works on a particula formula, and refuse to yank at their comfort zone and upgrade to match a current climate- no matter the growing variety of their audiences, as well as what kids now adays prefer. Yes, it's cute, cuddly and full of bubbly (actual gum takes to bubbling-in an entire city) but the (also staggering- though not to obviously) aesthetic is all that keeps the movie rolling as far as it does. Meaning no actual character development (except for the villian's bleak motivations), and no good tummy-jiggling humor in sight. Kids have seen better, I mean they've watched the glorious Incredibles, Inside Out and the Toy Storys, for goodness' sakes!

    Not that the little beans would mind, but the storylines are scattered and struggle to meet at any end. And because this is a family movie, they could've at least made it a little more interesting and engaging for the parents who were dragged there by their red-eyed small devils, who probably wailed their way into watching the movie on open-night. Kids can't go to the cinemas by themselves after all, Illumination!

    Gru finds that he has a twin-brother, who is the only character who is actually pretty rad. His newly-found sibling, Dru, invites him to his fancy estate to forge a bond. Eager to meet his brother, Gru packs up his whole family- three cute little girls and his wife Lucy- and heads out of town. Here the adventure unfolds when Dru and Gru speed across town with a batmobile-like beast, pressure each other into more mischief and eventually agree to performing a heist.

    The fillers were too desperate and obvious to actually resonate emotionally. The different personalities were only half-heartedly pursued. And the villian felt like he was staged for pure annoyance more than anything else. Perhaps the ambitious script was written in crayon as an English project by a 5th grader who knew nothing about what electrifies a film. From there a "villiany" teacher sold the piece of potential to Illumination on one of the bidding sites for some good cash. And we ended up here, with amateur script that nobody cared to develop further.

    Whatever the case, Despicable Me 3 is a tired attempt at sustaining and reinventing a franchise that quite evidently should not be allowed any more runs. They've made their money and sold their cute toys, and now it's time to move on and give us (er, kids, of course) a fresh, visually and narratively strong movie to chant for.

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