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Deadpool, 2016

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    Imagine every single superhero cliché in one movie. The typical “with great power comes great responsibility” mumbo jumbo mixed in with a bit of DC Comics dark element and a bit of every single blockbuster movies Marvel Studios has ever had since Iron Man. Now take that chemical X formula then throw it out of the nearest window. Go ahead and do it. Whatever you are left with was the same conceptual idea 20th Century Fox was left with that created the money-making film directed by Tim Miller which was called Deadpool. The brilliance that is Deadpool.

    Setting aside my Deadpool mannerisms for a minute here, I believe Deadpool was a much-needed Superhero movie that was required amongst the vast amount of Superhero movies we’ve become accustomed to. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the hero always put others ahead of themselves and saving the day and all that superhero 101 classes that are offered at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (they paid me to do that Promotion) but sometimes, it’s refreshing to see a hero who isn’t good at the whole heroism business so they work a part time job until they find their place in this world. Although the movie did follow the same formula as a “typical” superhero movie, as deceiving as the opening credit of the movie would like you to believe, it worked.

    The character portrayal depicted by Ryan Reynolds was clutch. It had a lot of casual movie goers, like me, truly believe Ryan was born to play Deadpool. He embraced the role of Deadpool so much so, his depiction of Green Lantern was officially forgiven and forgotten. More credit goes to the real superheroes of this movie, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Weinick. Bringing the fourth-wall breaking anti-hero to life after 16 long years was spectacular. Deadpool was certainly worth the wait.

    The movie is R-Rated and has a lot of pop culture references that may go over a lot of people’s heads but the humour makes up for all those few missed moments.

    All in all, Deadpool is a good movie and anyone who has a problem with that can catch me and the Merc with the Mouth outside, how bow dah?

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