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Darkest Hour, 2017

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    The Darkest hour is an intellectual depiction of a vital moment in history. It goes deeper than entertainment or a mere retelling of an event, and instead urges us to engage intellectually. It is a very wordy film. We go into the mechanism of the decisions that were made. The calculations. The psychology of the people behind the board who had the fate of a thousand men lying in their fewer hands. The man leading this strategy machine was Winston Churchill, zealously played by Gary Oldman.

    The writing coupled with a rythmic, poetic dialogue, is undoubtedly the films biggest feat. The cast come as a secret weapon, all outstandingly living up to their respective roles. The film is unbelievably intense and thrilling, all thanks to the commitment by the awe-producing cast. You simply go through a moment in time watching this film. It is as mythological as it is historic. You could close your eyes and picture slow-motion gods floating about the screen as each of the cast rage through their impassioned monologues.


    Historic dramas can become too saturated and simply unengaging if the filmmaker is not too careful, Darkerst Hour doesn't suffer from this fate. It is as exciting as a political thriller without unnecessary dramatism. Director Joe Wright is clear that he's telling a story closely based on real-life events, that there were actual people affected by the events that had taken place at the Dunkirk evacuation, where soldiers were trapped on a beach while facing death at their enemies hands. He knows that there isn't room for tomfoolery and a folklore stage play. The movie is nervy and aware. It is charged and stern in its story and the accuracy surrounding it.


    Personally, my breath caught throughout the film. It is a wonderful, intelligent experience, a history lesson that doesn't fall short either visually or in its story. Oh, and Gary Oldman!!! Give the man the Oscar he deserves for this career-bending performance.

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