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Cult of Chucky, 2017

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    I don't know what I've just watched, but I somehow stuck around till the end of this damn movie. I honestly couldn't tell you if the mess that is this movie is some sort of genuis, or attach that saying about not being able to look away when something terrible is unfolding before you.

    Cult of Chucky tips its hat to OG horror movies- one of the death scenes borrows from the brilliant Susperia- which I guess puts the movie in a neutral position- where it isn't susceptible to any real and/or negative critism. It neutralises itself further by mocking itself as a film, as well as the entire Child's Play franchise- which has been going for almost 30 years now. Cult doesn't owe anyone a great storyline, and that's just the way it is. Either you're watching it or you're not.

    They bring back most of the franchise's cast, including Andy. Not one of their presence really makes sense. I mean, why the hell did we have to get an older Andy if he's just a floating brown leaf throughought? Listen, whoever wrote the story was drunk out of their skull. It's almost a mock or satire, but not quite as captivating to hold as movies like Shawn of the Dead are able.

    I have reason to believe that this movie unfolds in Chucky's hallucinations, as he himself is trying to get through the torture which we see Andy put him through in the first act. This might be why the story is stumbling all over itself and ends up making you feel like you're out of it yourself. I'm probably out of it for even lasting the 90 or so minutes. I suspect I sold my soul to Hollywood franchise culture by even being curious about this movie. Alas! The movie is there, watch it, don't watch it; all the same. They're probably betting on you to watch because... well, that's just the way it goes with classic franchises. Go watch the latest Alien installment without being sickened by the audacity.

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