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Crocodile, 2000

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    Before you go on to yawning, assuming this is another one of those typical water-predator movies, think again! Crocodile comes from the renowned director of Poltergeist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Tobe Hooper. A lot of horror movie fans might be familiar with both these films as they've set a tone for some of the greatest horror films in their time.

    In Crocodile we get to take a boat trip away to a lake with eight very excited college students who have no idea of the horrors that they're about to face on their raunchy school vacation. This film is exciting from the get go, from the music right down to the intriguing cast that we're, one-by-one, introduced to. If you've seen the original Nightmare on Elm Street, or even any of the Screams, the same air-headed, bigoted and complex nature of the young cast is enforced. This makes it even more entertaining, though daunting, to watch.

    Of course our cast get themselves into a bit of a situation from the moment they arrive at the lake, when one of them decides that stealing an egg from a crocodile's nest and hiding it in one of his friends' backpacks as a prank was hilarious. The croc in question goes on a rampage after realising its egg is missing, and things go left when it tracks down where its dear embreyo is.

    Unfortunately for these eight young people, the croc is the largest monster in the very dark swamp, and it's now out for their blood. You'll spend most of your time yelling at the screen (horror movie-style, of course) at the person that insists on holding on to this backpack that's carrying the egg. Mind you, they have no idea why they're being hunted down by the very angry predator- until later on when they open the backpack to find the egg nestled between the owners' road necessities. This is after the killer croc has torn some limbs and caused a bloodbath as it tactically trailed the youngsters as they tried to escape the terror-filled lake by foot (the annoyed mother croc tore down their sweet little boat, too).

    Crocodile is a very fun sci-fi-horror movie, filled with adventure and a lot of stomach-turning moments. It is also brilliantly directed, with a fairly executed storyline. A true moment in the predator horror movie category for the director.

    Please have a watch and come back to discuss in the comments area!

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