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Born On The Fourth Of July, 1989

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    Born On The Fourth Of July is a poignant anti war film based on the true life story of Vietnam veter turned outspoken peace activist Ron Kovic with Oscar nominated actor Tom Cruise in the starring role.

    In the beginning of the story Ron is an impressionable small town kid fueled by fervent patriotism and a strong sense of duty which prompts him to join the US Marines in order to fight in the Vietnam War believing that this will protect the values of democracy & freedom that the USA claims to embody throughout it's society.However during one of his tours his unit gets ambushed with the ensuing gunfire resulting in him getting horribly injured & leaving him wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.

    After recovering and returning home our protagonist has to battle with feelings of intense bitterness & regret as a result of his disability.After a while Ron begins to question his patriotism & the validity of the Vietnam War as a whole.Eventually he changes his entire philosophy & joins the Anti War movement of the 70's becoming a prominent critic of the war and the establishment.

    This movie drives home the message of how patriotism & nationalism have been used as potent tools in order to manipulate the masses to support & justify America's warmongering over the last few decades. It also questions how US government fails to deal with local grassroots issues such as racism, affordable healthcare & the inequality gap between rich & poor yet always manages to prioritize it's overseas military pursuits.

    The character development in this film is truly sublime as we witness our protagonist go from being a naive patriotic young man willing to sacrifice his life for his country ona whim to a man who through intense introspection eventually rejects the everything the establishment stands for & openly fights against the entrenched ideals of blind nationalism within America.Tom Cruise honestly gave the best performance of his life in this film so it's honestly baffling to me how he didn't get an Oscar for best actor but that's a discussion for another day.

    Born On The Fourth Of July is a true war classic that's not only about highlighting the futility of war but is also a story about one mans emotional journey of self discovery & self acceptance after he believed he was without a purpose the moment he lost his legs as well his faith in the country he was once willing to give his life for.

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