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Blade Runner 2049, 2017

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    Whenever I hear about a planned remake or sequel to a cult classic film I cringe because more often than not these films turn out to be nothing more than pale imitations to their more illustrious predecessors often cannibalizing the best parts of the original in order to have some sort of relevance. However this was not the case with Villeneuve's iteration of Blade Runner which can be described as nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece.


    Blade Runner 2049 is a science fiction detective film directed by film auteur Dennis Villenueve (Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival, Enemy) which is set up as a direct sequel to the 1982 cult classic directed by Ridley Scott. The film boasts a talented cast that includes the likes of Ryan Gosling,Harrison Ford, Robin Wright, Jared Leto, Dave Bautista ,Ana Aramas, Mackenzie Davis & Sylvia Hoeks.


    The plot of the film takes place in a far flung dystopian future 30 years directly after the other events of the first Blade Runner.Not much has changed in the last three decades as powerful corporations still rule the world and Replicants (bio engineered humans) are still still seen as nothing more than slaves who's sole purpose is to serve humamnity & are hunted down without hesitation if they dare seek any sort of freedom. The once powerful Tyrell Corporation has been liquidated & taken over by new capitalist behemoth in Wallace Corporation who headed by CEO Niander Wallace a dangerous man who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals in creating an empire that will stretch across the stars with the help of an army of replicant slaves.Our protagonist is Officer "K" a new generation replicant who works as Blade Runner tasked with the unenviable task of hunting and killing older generation rogue replicants.After a mission to hunt a particularly elusive replicant is a sucess Officer K stumbles across a startling piece of evidence that could destroy the entire the status quo between Humans & Replicants. Given the gravity of the situation Officer K is tasked once again by his police chief Lieutenant Joshi to hunt down a new target & erase any evidence of this potentially calamitous replicant conspiracy before it starts an inter species war.


    Blade Runner is a  beautiful neo noir cyber punk film drenched in melancholy & existential angst which has the perfect balance of intimacy seen in indie films whilst also having that explosive essence usually associated with mainstream block busters. Dennis Villeneuve showcases why he his a master at making thoughtful science fiction films that challenge the audience's perceptions of what it means to be human & whether or not an artificially created being can possess a soul of their own. This is highlighted through our journey with Officer K who is constantly seeking purpose and meaning in a world where his existence is just seen as means to an end. The further his investigation continues into the film the more astounding revelations begin to make him question his own identity in this dark world. I really fell in love with this character as I found that I could personally relate to his outsider complex & sorrowful persona.


    The visuals in this film are absolutely breathtaking as the chief cinematographer,the legendary Roger Deakins, does a masterful job of bringing the world of Blade Runner to life. Every shot is pure cinematic porn for your eyes from the sprawling futuristic metropolis with its mind boggling technology to the more intimate shots of our characters which used expert use of various camera shots as well as specific coloring/lighting to evoke the emotional weight within specific scenes. Deakins & Villeneuve are a match made in heaven as the cinematography really matched up with the director's trademark raw, subtle & emotional directing style. As if the visuals alone were enough to dazzle the senses Blade Runner also has a truly mellifluous film score (compliments of the legendary god of film scores himself Hans Zimmer) that aptly sets the mood for this gritty dystopian epic and sucks you in from the very first "braaaaam" of Zimmer's signature sound.


    In closing Blade Runner 2049 is a gem of a film which not only proves to be a worthy sequel to it's trailblazing predecessor but also does an immaculate job of further expanding the Blade Runner mythos . Words truly cannot describe how good this future cult classic is .


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